Chicken Cutlets

These cutlets were something that I use to watch my dad make. He would filet the chicken breasts, dip them in flour, egg & breadcrumbs, then fry them in just a little bit of oil.

When I first started making these, I used to pound the meat. I soon discovered there was a reason he fileted them. They just didn’t get thin enough and they would burn on the outside before the inside was cooked.

Some people use those  lil metal breading pans, but I old-school it and line my counter like my dad does with 2 sheets of waxed paper.  I season the flour with my very own secret seasonings, whisk 3-6 eggs with milk in an 8×8 glass pan and dump an equal amount of breadcrumbs as shown in the picture. Everything is positioned right next to the stove. Be aware of the edges of the waxed paper. You really don’t need to start a fire, especially with a pan full of oil.

After I’m finished prepping the flour, eggs and breadcrumbs, I turn the pan on low while I fillet the chicken.

I don’t like the feeling of raw meat on my hands, so I wear powder-free vinyl or latex gloves like they use in restaurants when I fillet.






By the time I am done with the chicken, the oil is usually hot enough. I “feel” the heat of the oil by seeing how long I can hold my hand over the top of the pan. If I can hold it for 5 seconds, it’s ready. (it was easier to attach a link than explain it, lol)

I bring my cutting board of chicken over to the counter. Using a fork (because, in case you forgot, I HATE the way raw chicken feels) I dredge one fillet in the flour, dip it in the egg, then dredge it in the breadcrumbs before placing it gently in the hot oil. GENTLY!!

When the edges of the chicken START to brown, you can flip it. I can fit at least 3 fillets in my pan.

I set up my kitchen stool directly in front of my stove, with a paper towel covered rack placed in a cookie sheet to drain the oil off the chicken when they are done, like so:

And, of course, you have to taste one to make sure they are cooked through. (Or, at least, that’s what you tell your family members when they question why they can’t have one yet. The secret is out, Dad!)

You know the drill…plate them up and declared that dinner is prepared!

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  1. ReplyLB @ Bullets and Biscuits

    One word....YUMMY!

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