Ogio Bag

An update on my previous post, but with pictures of the bag from OGIO:

It arrived quicker than I thought it would and just in time for my new job! Can’t wait to use it!

History went all out. That’s not a patch. Here’s a pic of the other side:

Under the front flap:

Look at all them POCKETS!!! I love pockets. Lots of pockets to misplace all my stuff. Then its like a scavenger hunt to find it all. I promise not to lose anything this time. Cross my heart.

OH!! and the inside pocket is divided!

That there lil button looking thingy is so you can have your iPod or whatever tucked away safe inside a zippered pocket so you can listen to the latest Empty Mags or Liberty or Zombie podcasts while you wait for …um…whatever you’re waiting for.

Just thread your headphone jack through it and plug your headphones into your music player. They also have a nice handy pocket for that too.

The back of the bag is padded. There’s a little pocket next to the button…

it’s a spot for your airline ticket. Or train ticket. But they have a lil airplane symbol, so I figured it’s sized just right for a plane ticket. Or I could just be plain wrong. It happens.

And last but not least…the rugged handle:

And there’s my new bag. Thanks again to Jason at EyesNeverClosed and The History Channel.

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  1. ReplyBrokenTrace

    That's a sweet bag!

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