Pirates & Jesters

There are two movies that I consider “must see”. They shaped my movie-viewing life. As a teenager, I’ve tortured the children I babysat & a few of my closest friends by making them watch them. As an adult, I appreciate the movie references to them even though others fail to, basically because they don’t know any better.

I’ve never seen Casablanca til my late 20’s. Gone with the Wind I didn’t see until I was 30. I understand these movies were a BIG DEAL. But not to me. Oh no. The two movies (I guess you can say musicals, because there is a HELL of a LOT of singing) that I’m talking about are:

The Pirate and The Court Jester

Stop laughing. The first movie is a little hard to find. Gene Kelly & Judy Garland are in it. She plays a girl engaged to a creepy rich man and she has dreams over being whisked away by the pirate Macoco.  Little does she know who Macoco truly is. Gene Kelly is an actor and he hypnotizes her and finds out that she’s got it pretty bad for the pirate. And he’s got it pretty bad for her.

After that…he does his best to woo her.

The second movie. OMG. This movie, no matter how many times I see it, still cracks me up. It was the first Danny Kaye movie I’ve seen. He pretends to be a court jester in order to rescue the kingdom from the evil king.  You ever hear the lines:

You have this movie to thank.

One of my fave scenes is where there is going to be a tournament. The king makes the jester a Knight and in order to help out Danny Kaye’s character, his friends put a pellet with the poison in the vessel with the pestle. OH!! You get to see Angela Lansbury before Murder, She Wrote.

Or maybe its in the chalice from the palice.

How is it, you ask, that these movies influenced my love of all things zombie, shootem up, ninja-esqe?

I guess its because you really can not tell a book (movie) by its cover.

Or, perhaps it was the swordfighting.


That remind you of anything?

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  1. ReplyFirehand

    I read years back that Rathbone was a long-time fencer, but Kaye had never held a sword before. However, Rathbone said that Kaye had to be the most coordinated man he'd ever met, and picked up what was needed with amazing speed.

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