Lookit what I won :)

My blogfather via his podcast has partnered with the History Channel to promote  Topshot. (wow…that there’s a lot of links in one sentence)

I’ve never won anything in my life except for a few dollars off a lottery scratch-off ticket. But now…I’m gonna be sportin’ this kick-ass messenger bag. I wonder how many firearms it will hold along with my laptop.

Thank you to random.org for choosing my number. 😛

And, of course:  Thank you Jason!!

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  1. ReplyJP

    There were 28 eligible entrants, and half of them were friends - so there was a pretty good chance it was going to be one of yall. Glad you like the prize!

  2. ReplyMSJ

    I thought there was a rule that women could not win anything from Top Shop?

  3. ReplyMSJ

    typo Top Shot

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