Monthly archives "July 2011"


AMC ran a bunch of really awesome cowboy shows/movies over this past weekend. One of which was The Rifleman with Chuck Connors; I’ve never seen it before and watched just about every episode they aired. I was addicted as soon as I saw the opening: Look at how he twirls that Winchester. *SIGH* We’ve all […]

Ice Scream

We didn’t go out to eat much when I was a kid. And when we did, if I acted up…oh wait. I didn’t. I feared the wrath of my parents. No ice cream for dessert?!?! Okay, okay!! I’ll behave. Speaking of ice cream, there is a cute lil restaurant called The Boulevard over in town. […]

Stranger Danger

We teach kids from the moment they can walk & talk that their bodies are theirs & theirs alone. We tell them that we will protect them and not to talk to strangers. So what happens when you need to travel in this day & age? A predator who can hide behind a uniform gets […]

Maybe I’m a Different Breed

I was having a conversation with one of the women I work with. She was telling me about how she has to go to court today because of her custody battle with her ex-husband. It somehow turned into her bashing her ex because he bought her a handgun for her birthday and that was the […]

January Rain

I was cleaning my house last night and came across some letters in a dusty old box that my Gramma had written to me. She didn’t date them, but I could tell by their content how old I was. So far, they seem to take place between my early teen years up until she died […]

Time to clean the fridge

So out of all old items I was afraid of finding in the back of my fridge, the last thing I expected was a deflated strawberry (or maybe cherry) jello. I put the spoon in just so you could see how deep the little Pyrex bowl is. I can’t scrape the jello out so I […]