36 Grains of Diplomacy

PSA: there are some graphic pics in this post.

I’ve got tons of critters in my backyard. After giving themselves a good food coma over at the farm, they mosey on over to my place to settle in for the night.

Most we give passage to. The rabbits and the red-breasted robins. We shoot the blackbirds & crows.  We most definitely raise the Black Flag of No Quarter to the groundhogs.

Tonight, I was sitting in my living room watching the clouds roll in & flipping channels when I needed a drink. I walked into my kitchen & glanced out the window as I opened the fridge.

And there it was. The demon groundhog looking straight at me through the window. Taunting me. We’ve been watching this particular groundhog for about a week. I walked back into my living room, picked up the Marlin 925 (using Federal ammo, .22LR hollowpoint) and grabbed a chair as I sat down at my dining room window.

I put the 7 round mag in the rifle & operated the bolt. I opened the window just enough to get the barrel through, hoping that the demon wouldn’t notice me. Looking through the scope, I watched as it chewed some weeds. Exhaled as I squeezed the trigger.

DOWN it went. Hooting & hollaring, I ran into my bedroom, threw on some jeans on (because I wasn’t tromping through weeds in shorts) & went outside to confirm my kill.


Comments ( 5 )

  1. ReplyJP

    Stew meat! Throw in some taters, carrots and onions. Om nom nom!

  2. ReplyJennifer

    Nice shot! Good job.

  3. ReplyFëawen Carnesîr


  4. ReplyLongrangedeath

    One Shot One Kill Semper Fi...Groundhogs die!

  5. ReplyLB @ Bullets And Biscuits

    Gawd damn a groundhog! Go Girl!

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