The N-SSA gets a visit from The NRA

I was very excited when I received August’s issue of American Rifleman. It was their anniversary issue and they had all sorts of pretty cool articles. In the beginning of the magazine there’s a feature that tells you what is on their website. I’m glad I looked because the organization I compete with, The North-South Skirmish Association, has a couple of videos. So now you can all see what I do for fun.

North-South Skirmish Association Civil War Arms.

North-South Skirmish Association Civil War Mortars.

The NRA has a booth on Sutler’s Row at the main range in Virginia. It’s great because if you are a member of the N-SSA, it is just that much easier to become a member of the NRA. Just walk on in & join.

I gotta say…they couldn’t have picked a better weekend to film. The weather was just perfect. No rain. No mud. And plenty of sunshine.

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    Damn, that's cool....... Chuck D

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