Strawberry Pancakes

I decided to make strawberry pancakes for breakfast yesterday morning. From scratch. And I wonder why I can’t lose weight.

I found the recipe in the Grange cookbook that I got this past Christmas. The recipe is very simple really. Just time consuming.

Looks simple enough.

Basic Recipe:

1 Tablespoon Sugar
2 Tablespoons Shortening
1 Egg
1 Cup Flour (in my barn canister you see in the background)
1/4 Teaspoon Salt
4 Teaspoons Baking Powder
1 Cup Milk

I add a coupla shakes of pure vanilla extract at the end. Why is there no vanilla in the pic? I forgot to take a picture of it. That’s why.

Make sure your griddle is preheating do it’s nice & hot by the time you’re ready to start ladling out pancake batter.

You have to cream the sugar and the shortening:

While that creams, go ahead and empty your dishwasher like I had to.

Add your egg & beat well. And don’t forget to scrape the sides.

I use one of those small metal strainers to sift the flour, salt & baking powder into a bowl. I dump all the dry ingredients in and just shake the strainer gently.

Now comes the time consuming part. You have to alternate adding the dry ingredients and the milk into your mixer. You must mix thoroughly after each addition. And don’t forget to scrape the sides down.

Always start with your dry ingredients and end with your wet. I usually alternate a little at a time, increasing the amount after each mixing.

I usually let the stand mixer run and find something to do for a few minutes between alternating the ingredients. I snacked on a mango. And opened this:

Note in the background: My measuring cup of milk. That is usually the amount (1/4 cup) I dump in at the end. Oh. And yes….I notice that not all of my dry ingredients made their way into the bowl as I was shaking my strainer.

I scooped out that sweet sweet gel and dipped my mango slices in it.Can’t let that gel go to waste. And no…no pictures of the mango. I was too busy eating it.

Hopefully by now, your griddle is nice & hot. Take a stick of butter and run it over the top and wipe it off with paper towel.

Save that butter-soaked paper towel. Use it between flipping pancakes to butter up the griddle again.

The batter will be liquidy.

Here’s where you shake a coupla drops or five into the batter as it continues to mix. Let it sit while you separate a good handful or two of the strawberries from the gel. You really don’t need as much gel that the strawberries are floating in, or any, in the batter.

Dump the bowl of strawberries into the batter and fold them in.

I use a ladle that measures out a little bit over a 1/4 cup of batter. These are going to be messy when you ladle them out onto the griddle. I’ve got a trail of batter on my griddle.

Just like with regular pancakes, wait till the bubble pop and flip.

Or if you’re me, get involved with something else in the kitchen and forget that you have pancakes on the griddle til you smell them cooking away and rush over and flip them.

Check out how the strawberries get so hot they bubble:

There’s steam escaping. Not sure how well you can see it on the video.

Platter them up with whatever breakfast meat you decided to cook up.

Then do your best Magenta impression from The Rocky Horror Picture Show and declare that breakfast is prepared.

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