You ever get a call from your credit card company that you missed the payment date and you’re account is past due? I’ve gotten one or two in the past and they were usually pleasant. Just calling to remind you. Apparently, they have been getting ruder by the stories I am hearing. And they are even spewing out empty threats.

What I pictured his phone to be

I received a phone call at work the other day from a creditor looking for one of my employees. They wanted all sorts of info…their phone number, their address, when their shift started, etc. The guy had a very thick accent and spoke faster than I do (which is pretty fast), so I had to ask him repeatedly to slow down and speak slowly. The company he worked for was something like ACLU Creditors. The ACLU part is what got me. Since when did the ACLU get involved with credit/collections? Scare tactic with the name, maybe?

Anyway, back and forth we went, with me telling him no to all his requests and him getting more and more aggravated with me. It was fun. He got so upset that he actually threatened to send his “officers” to my office. I feigned terror and stammered out…do you mean with guns?

Well, they are officers, he said.

I told him to go ahead; I’ve got my officers on standby for when his decide to show the fuck up.

Can you believe he hung up on me?

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    You go girl!

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