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36 Grains of Diplomacy

PSA: there are some graphic pics in this post. I’ve got tons of critters in my backyard. After giving themselves a good food coma over at the farm, they mosey on over to my place to settle in for the night. Most we give passage to. The rabbits and the red-breasted robins. We shoot the […]


I’ve lived in the mountains now for about 5 years. I’ve been stuck behind various farm equipment before but there has always been room to drive around it. Until today. Nothing like praying for patience & getting stuck behind a gigantic hay baler (or whatever it is). Message received loud & clear.

The N-SSA gets a visit from The NRA

I was very excited when I received August’s issue of American Rifleman. It was their anniversary issue and they had all sorts of pretty cool articles. In the beginning of the magazine there’s a feature that tells you what is on their website. I’m glad I looked because the organization I compete with, The North-South […]

Strawberry Pancakes

I decided to make strawberry pancakes for breakfast yesterday morning. From scratch. And I wonder why I can’t lose weight. I found the recipe in the Grange cookbook that I got this past Christmas. The recipe is very simple really. Just time consuming. Looks simple enough. Basic Recipe: 1 Tablespoon Sugar 2 Tablespoons Shortening 1 […]

XXX Playland

Got a little lost today looking for the bookstore. We turned around here. Had to take a pic first though. I guess while mom makes sure the kids are plenty entertained by the McDonalds Playland, dad can make a quick trip for entertainment later.


You ever get a call from your credit card company that you missed the payment date and you’re account is past due? I’ve gotten one or two in the past and they were usually pleasant. Just calling to remind you. Apparently, they have been getting ruder by the stories I am hearing. And they are […]


My father has been collecting piggy banks & ceramic pigs since I’ve been out of high school. Some were gifts, others he found, some he had since he was little. He started by displaying them around the house then made a shelf for them above the window in the den. Those pigs were a fixture […]