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Faaaaaaarm Livin is the Life for Meeeeeee

When I was a little girl growing up on Long Island, I always thought “The Wilderness” was this imaginary, faraway place that only existed in books and on television and in movies. “The Wilderness” encompassed everything outside of Long Island, including forests, mountains, farms, ranches, lakes and streams. Okay…yes…we have some of that on Long […]

ePostal match

My blogfather recently sent out a tweet regarding an ePostal match. I was very excited – I’ve never shot a Postal Match before. The target was surprisingly challenging at 25 yards. As a black powder competitive shooter, I am accustomed to shooting a sighter before I begin any shooting any submittable targets. I was debating […]

No more deals

I am a if-you-don’t-really-need-it-buy-it-only-when-it’s-on-sale-&-combine-it-with-a-coupon-whore. I really loathe grocery shopping (why, is a whole other post); so, I feel like I’m getting away with some really good deals. And I stock up on items that I use and being that I don’t have to buy them weekly, my grocery bill is almost cut in half. Mind […]