If there ever was a birthday worth celebrating, it’s Bruce Campbell‘s.

During 9 months of gestation, I am POSITIVE that his momma watched plenty of typical 1950’s horror/sci-fi movies; in particular 20 Million Miles to Earth, a movie starring a handsome leading man, a beautiful love interest and, of course, the monster. Which, if you are a fan, and you better be, you will notice that that is basically the theme for all his movies and TV shows.  Oh! And who can forget The Incredible Shrinking Man? I could totally see Bruce fighting giant bugs. I can’t say for certain, but I’m pretty darn sure his momma must’ve watched The Bridge on the River Kwai it being his favorite and all (a movie I admit I slept through as a kid and appreciate as an adult)

Then in 1958…the year of his birth….The Fly!!! Yes, yes, I know…Jeff Goldblum did the remake in 1986, but I really think they should have cast my man Bruce. Seriously.

And speaking of being disappointed. I think he would’ve made a great Batman in Batman Forever.

However….I must say, I was pleasantly surprised when this commercial aired:

and this one:

Happy Birthday Bruce!!!!!

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