I am seriously addicted to Chocolate Hostess Cupcakes. They are a staple in my house & a previous baking inspiration. I tear the top off the cupcake, eat the cupcake, then eat the frosting around the squiggly line, then the squiggly line. Followed by a nice glass of ice cold milk. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…..bliss. I did not think they could be improved upon. I tried and failed at baking my own. Don’t get me wrong…the ones I made from scratch were beyond awesome but they just weren’t the same.

Imagine my excitement when walking down the snack aisle at my local food store and next to the regular Chocolate Hostess Cupcakes appeared STRAWBERRY Hostess Cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was like the world disappeared around me when I picked up the box. I heard angels. Could it be that I found a cupcake that could possibly replace/and/or enhance my addiction? Fearful of not liking these new cupcakes, I bought my standard as well,  just in case.

I couldn’t wait to get home. I didn’t. I waited until I packed the car with my groceries and ripped open the box of strawberry cupcakes so fast in the parking lot I dropped a couple on the pavement. THANK GOODNESS they are individually wrapped. After I picked them up off the pavement, I almost forgot to close the trunk. I opened the first one. Inhaled that sweet strawberry scent and closed my eyes. Could it be? Could this be the…dare I say it…replacement for my coveted chocolate cupcake? I took a bite. It was scrumptious!!!!  Finished that first cupcake off by the time I made it to the driver side door of my Jetta. Opened my door, tossed the remaining 3 that I picked up on the passenger seat and sat down. I really needed a cuppa cawfee (it was early dammit)…but I didn’t want to tarnish the taste of that delectable cupcake.

I decided that I must be over-reacting. I mean, its just a cupcake for goodness sake. So I drive over to McDonald’s and get myself a cuppa cawfee from the drive-thru, looking over at the cupcakes on my passenger seat the whole time. Telling myself that NO! you do NOT want to eat & drive. Not because it’s not safe…oh no…because I wouldn’t really ENJOY the cupcake. So there I am waiting…and losing patience on the drive-thru line for a stupid cuppa cawfee being taunted by these damn cupcakes.

I’m in the parking lot with the steaming cuppa cawfee balanced just right on the dash. Turn the engine off & pick up my second cupcake. This one, I already decided while waiting impatiently for my cawfee,  will have to be eaten the correct way. My way. I open the package.  Look around to see if anyone notices that I’m not eating a burger in the parking lot. I tear the cupcake in half and eat the bottom first. Too much cupcake. So glad I bought a cuppa cawfee. I finish my routine. And decide that I really didn’t need to buy those chocolate cupcakes. But I’ll still eat them. When I run out of the strawberry ones, of course.

The regular size cupcakes are divine. One is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. The 100-calorie ones that I took to work are a tease. A FLAT-OUT TEASE I tell you. Look at how small they are!!! Granted, you get three, but there’s not enough room for even a small squiggly line of frosting. What the hell?

I’m so glad I didn’t have anyone with me during that grocery shopping trip. They would’ve had me committed.

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  1. ReplyJP

    Strawberry better than chocolate? GTFO! :P

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