As a black powder shooter, I’m used to taking what some would consider an archaic rifle (or a steel pipe) and ramming FFF Goex down the barrel along with a .58 caliber lead bullet, lifting it to my face and firing it. The first few times seeing the cap go off so close to my eyes freaked me out. I was used to shooting AKs, shotguns, lever guns, etc. I kept imagining my musket blowing up in my face. I’ve since gotten over that fear. I understand the chemistry behind reloading. So, I’m not afraid of handloads.

Last weekend, I was shooting this ePostal match with my Marlin and when I was done I decided to run a few mags thru my 1911. One of the guys who I’ve run in to a few times at the range had some of his own .45s and asked if I’d like to try some of his loads. I looked thru his ammo, picked out the ones I thought were acceptable and loaded 8 rounds. I knew my Taurus could handle it.

Round one fired. Round two did not. I thought it was operator error so I thumbed the hammer down again. It didn’t go off. I racked the slide and ejected the round. Round three yes, round four no. This was beginning to feel like Go/No-Go drills from back when I first learned how to shoot.

Round five fired. Shattered the rock I was aiming at.

Round six did not. And I flinched. I haven’t flinched in years. But I flinched. I couldn’t believe it. There went that round.

Round seven jammed. As in…cross-your-fingers-say-a-lil-prayer-because-the-gun-has-to-be-taken-apart-at-the-range stuck. I confess: I needed help with that. I’ve never had a jam that bad and didn’t think my hands were steady enough so I handed it over to one of my friends to fix.

After that scare, I ran 5 or 6 mags of factory ammo thru it, just to make sure.

I learned my lesson. No more hand loaded ammo unless its mine.

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