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Words before Weapons

What has surprised me most about being a shooter is that some men still have not gotten used to the fact that I’ve got different parts. And it’s not even the old men…its the middle-aged men. A few Nationals ago, I was shooting my individual target for my black powder revolver and ran into a […]


If there ever was a birthday worth celebrating, it’s Bruce Campbell‘s. During 9 months of gestation, I am POSITIVE that his momma watched plenty of typical 1950’s horror/sci-fi movies; in particular 20 Million Miles to Earth, a movie starring a handsome leading man, a beautiful love interest and, of course, the monster. Which, if you […]


I am seriously addicted to Chocolate Hostess Cupcakes. They are a staple in my house & a previous baking inspiration. I tear the top off the cupcake, eat the cupcake, then eat the frosting around the squiggly line, then the squiggly line. Followed by a nice glass of ice cold milk. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…..bliss. I did not […]

I hate gardening but

We decided to try our hands at growing veggies in the backyard. We started out with seeds in the jacuzzi room. We don’t use the jacuzzi, but we discovered that the cover makes a great flat surface and when the doors are closed it gets pretty warm in there. When the snow pea seedlings grew […]


We all have a movie that we annoy those around us with by quoting lines, acting out scenes, what have you, from said movie. For me, it’s the Evil Dead Series. My shotgun will always be referred to as my boomstick. I will always shop smart at S-mart. Evil Dead II is one of, if […]


As a black powder shooter, I’m used to taking what some would consider an archaic rifle (or a steel pipe) and ramming FFF Goex down the barrel along with a .58 caliber lead bullet, lifting it to my face and firing it. The first few times seeing the cap go off so close to my […]

I’ll never model bracelets.

I learned how to cook by watching my dad prepare family meals. I don’t recall ever actually flipping a pancake or shaping burgers.  I think if he ever did give me a chance to almost ruin one of his masterpieces, I’d of learned that pans right out of the oven are hot and that pot […]

Old Blood Feuds

It surprises me that my brother did not know what part of Italy my parents parents (parents?) were from, but I probably found out about the same time he did. But, being that I’m younger than him, I’ve known longer.