Monthly archives "May 2011"

Support for our Troops

Our troops do so much for us as a Nation…their families sacrifice so much in order for them to do so. Here is a list of some of the organizations that not only support our Troops, but their families as well. I had no idea so many existed.

I need coffee.

I’ve been watching my Keurig leak water out of the top of the dispenser for a few days now. I finally opened it up to find this: Funny thing is, when you close the top, the middle of that broken piece lands on a raised piece of plastic. So, basically, its almost like when I’m wearing high heels […]

Black Powder Ammo

This weekend will be chock full of making ammo for the Nationals in two weeks. Ammo that looks like this: The minie ball is seated “backwards” because the cartridge does not get loaded. That red plastic cartridge you see there is full of Goex, specially weighed out for my rifle and minie ball. We pull the […]

Conceal Carry

I do not have a holster. I have a belly band that I use for all my handguns…because…being female, I have something called hips and every holster I’ve tried on, even those made for women, do not fit me correctly. I do, however, wear my belly band backwards. I twist it around so I carry […]

You Ethel!!!

We didn’t have cable until my brother decided to get it for my parents one Christmas when I was in my 20’s. We also didn’t have a VCR until I was about maybe 6 or 7. Or a microwave. And they still don’t have a dishwasher. My brother’s recent post reminds me of why I still to […]