Worst Handgun Ever

My baby cousin called me the other day and asked me what my favorite handguns are because he’s thinking about getting one. Before I could answer he babbled on about various video game guns that he wants and different scenarios that the gun might be needed for. Red Dead Revolver came up a few times, as well as Grand Theft Auto. No zombie scenarios though. Strange, I wondered as he babbled on because we always stayed up late watching zombie movies.

When he finally took a breath, the first question out of my mouth was “Since when are you into shooting?”  He tells me since he just got back from the range with a friend of his.  That morning. And he couldn’t wait to call me up and tell me all about it.

Lets just stop here a minute so I can give you some backround. I lived with my baby cousin for a while. His momma is my 1st cousin. And when I tell you they are anti-gun, you can imagine the hell I was living in. Because not only were they anti-gun…they were the L word. And I don’t mean the L-Word by same name of that show. The L word that will not be written here except if I’m talking about how much lube needs to be liberally applied to my minie balls.

Anyway, back to the convo. I start telling him the first handgun I would suggest would be a J-frame revolver. By the silence I realized he had no idea what I was talking about. So then I started naming the handguns I have. I got as far as saying 19 before he cut me off and told me that 1911s are the absolute worst handgun ever. I almost dropped the phone.

How can this be the absolute worst handgun ever?

He tells me it jams too much. I told him its operator error. More silence. I had to explain operator error. Then he tells me about how his friend hates 1911s. I told him not to listen to his friend. This went on & on until he told me he shot a Remington 870 rifle. Shotgun you mean, I told him. No…he said, i mean rifle. I told him, no the one you shot probably has a rifled barrel. Back & forth we go again.

I told him to stick to his video games.

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  1. ReplytheUnpaidBill

    Clearly he needs your help. Don't abandon him so soon!

  2. Replyguffaw

    My first thought was "why are you wasting time on this clown?" But, he's a relative. Sounds as if you need to take him out to the range.

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