Candy Corn Cupcakes

Last Halloween, I needed to make some cupcakes for work. I was looking for some inspiration in the candy aisle and found a huge bag of candy corn. Its the most perfect Halloween candy. They don’t melt. They last forever. And they scream Halloween.

I took the bag home, thinking that maybe if I get the oven temp right, they’ll melt inside the cupcake like one of those chocolate lava cakes. While snacking on them and brainstorming, it occurred to me that I might be able to make a layered cupcake. I’ve made layered drinks when I tended bar, so I thought why not try it and see what happens. I decided to make the batter two colors (yellow & orange) and use white icing/frosting for the top, in essence creating a candy corn cupcake.

I cheated. I used white vanilla cake mix from a box. I didn’t want to make 100% homemade cupcakes just for the results to flop. After I mixed the batter, I separated the mix into two bowls and tried to get the colors as close to the candy corn as possible with that awesome food dye that always manages to stain my clothes (I have no idea how that happens, by the way).  However, after stirring for who knows how long, my arm got tired and I ended up with this:

I really was not at all happy with that weird orange color. Yellow got pretty close, but ew ew ew…that’s not orange.

I laid out my cupcake liners and used a ladle to scoop the yellow batter in first, then the wanna-be orange.

After slowly pouring the wanna-be orange batter on top of the yellow batter in my first cupcake liner, I realized that I’m going to have to let go of my OCDness and not let the ratio of yellow to orange bother me because once they are in the oven, the batter is gonna do what it wants and I can’t control what happens in the oven. Because I wanted absolutely perfect cupcakes.And they turned out pretty darn perfect.

almost perfect. It'll do.

After sampling one, because you know you have to always sample whatever you bake to make sure it is fit for human consumption, I decided to move on to making the icing/frosting/whatever you call it from scratch. Basically confectioners sugar, etc.

Yeah, that was half of a half of what I ate.

Finished product

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