Monthly archives "May 2011"

Worst Handgun Ever

My baby cousin called me the other day and asked me what my favorite handguns are because he’s thinking about getting one. Before I could answer he babbled on about various video game guns that he wants and different scenarios that theĀ gun might be needed for. Red Dead Revolver came up a few times, as […]

Bang Bang Bling

I’m not saying that I was raised in an anti-gun household, however, guns were not encouraged. So, I was extremely surprised when my brother got me these this last Christmas. I am taking it as acceptance that I’m a shooter.

Candy Corn Cupcakes

Last Halloween, I needed to make some cupcakes for work. I was looking for some inspiration in the candy aisle and found a huge bag of candy corn. Its the most perfect Halloween candy. They don’t melt. They last forever. And they scream Halloween. I took the bag home, thinking that maybe if I get […]

Smoothbore Competion

On Friday afternoon, we had Smoothbore Competition. I should have gotten closer, but this was the first video I took with my phone and I was afraid of blowing out the mic. They are shooting at 50 yards with 4-man teams. They have 5 minutes to shoot all target material. Time stops at the 5-minute […]

Cannon Competition

Those cannon made it up to the line on Saturday afternoon. Happy to report that one of them had a PERFECT score…too bad the man sighting in the gun sighted it in on the wrong target. What happens to that gold medal the team would have received? Well…no one gets it. That’s what happens. But…. […]