My baby


I absolutely love my Makarov…but my CZ-75b 9mm will always be my baby. I love it so much, in fact, that you are seeing it lay on top of a quilt my mother made me.

I am fortunate enough to live within half an hours drive to Cabela’s. They have a great firearms department, but to be honest…their markup is so insane that you’re better off going to the local Mom & Pop gun store and ordering what you want thru them.

For those not familiar with Cabela’s …they put out a catalog that is basically an outdoor enthusiasts porn. The store is their showroom.

Their gun counter is set up like a deli counter. You need to locate the ticket wheel in the crowd & get a number, which would most likely be 1,627 and they are still helping customer number 5 because, as we all know, once you have the guy’s attention behind the counter you must fondle each & every firearm because who knows when you will make this trip again. The cool thing about Cabela’s is that they will announce your number over the pa system so you can walk around, buy more Cabela’s gear & go bankrupt.

Side note: I do not go to Cabela’s or any gun show or gun store without my gun guru (my guy) because, let’s face it…no matter how many women are into shooting, we still have a long way to go with some men. And I am tired of being treated like I am when buying a car & they show me the fucking mirror so I can “touch up my makeup”. Whatevs. And I’m not gonna bash pink guns…because they are still just as deadly but do not insult me by only showing me pink guns. I like purple, for goodness sake.

So…I’ve got my number…and I’m waiting at the counter with my guy. I’ve been waiting so long that this will be THE quickest sale this guy will ever make. I did not want to fondle every gun I drooled over (except that Desert Eagle)…I wanted to buy that absolutely gorgeous full size CZ-75b 9mm.

Fast forward…filled out all the paperwork, the saleman ran my ID, and it was a done deal. I’ve never been so excited. Well, I am always excited when I purchase a firearm…but this was years in the making. My guy would just talk guns. All the time. So, a lot of what I know is just by listening to him and putting things together. Then I discovered his mags. Flipping thru one, I saw an ad for a CZ75 -Champion model. It was a little gaudy for me, but I was intrigued. Upon further research, I decided that my first 9mm will be a CZ.

My guy drove home, which was good because I kept opening the gun case and just looking at my gun. I’d close the case. Open it back up again. Kinda angle the case toward him and say: Lookit!!! Gently touch the barrel. Close the case. Made a few phone calls to some of my friends, gushing over the new addition to the family. Open the case again, take it out, put it back, close the case.

It was like it wasn’t real…I finally, after pining over this gun for years, had it in my hands.





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