Marshmallows Part 1

I try to make something that I’ve never made before at least once a month…I really try for once per week but I don’t usually have the time because I’m too lazy chillaxin on the couch with a soda & a bag of doritos.

One weekend I decided to make these:

I know…newspaper & a tin pan does not a pretty picture make.

And all it took was some carefully measured ingredients: corn syrup, knox gelatin, confectioners sugar, cornstarch & pure vanilla extract (for flavor). I made sure to use a disposable pan the 2nd time because if you’ve ever made rice krispie treats you know how much fun cleaning sticky marshmallow from a regular pan is.

I always follow a recipe up to a point. But I could tell that the ratio of confectioners sugar to cornstarch was way off. So…I added more confectioners sugar. A lot more.

Yknow what? I’m calling it powdered sugar from here on…confectioner’s sugar is too much to type via mobile.

Okay…trust me…I know better than to do what I’m about to tell you I did but I was getting high off the excitement of making homemade marshmallows. I dumped all the ingredients into my stand mixer & kicked that sucker into high gear. After the GIGANTIC cloud of white powder that descended upon me, I decided the best thing to do would be to wrap my mixer with Saran wrap and mix away.

Oh my goodness gracious…after what seemed like forever & a day, it started to look like melted Fluff.


I was ready to eat it right out of the mixing bowl. So, of course, I tasted it. And tasted a little bit more. Then I realized that I really need to pour this into my cornstarched & powdered sugared glass pan before all my hard work was in my stomach & I turned into a marshmallow.

To be continued.

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