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I broke the cardinal rule once…but I couldn’t help it!!! I was in love…dumbstruck love…I am so ashamed…

I have wanted a Makarov since I first saw one in a magazine…I’ve gone to shows, picked them up, handled them, put them back down…it looked so small…wimpy. Yes, I know. 9mm Russian is not so wimpy. Big deal if almost all Eastern Block countries used them. I wouldn’t laugh at a huge man with an itty bitty handgun. But still…it was just so small. I just couldn’t get past that. I didn’t want to get stuck in the stereotype of small guns are for women. Then I saw an episode of “Burn Notice” & the Phoebe character was shooting one…oh my goodness gracious…I took it as a sign from up above. 

It just so happened there was a gun show that weekend…I was so excited I almost forgot to get my hand stamped. (ewwww btw…nothing grosses me out more than getting my hand stamped with the same stamp that stamped hundreds of peoples hands before me). It was crowded. Barely had room to walk between the tables, almost suffocating from the aroma of gun oil, beef jerky & coffee in the air. My guy has a method when we go to these shows: we start at one end and walk up & down the aisles, skipping over items that are not of interest. Which usually goes like this:

Me: Oh look! AKs!!!
Him: Nice. C’mon…we just started. We’ll come back.

Repeat a few times…but substitute whatever firearm/knife/accoutrment caught my eye at the time. Because I’ve only been to a few shows (12?) so I got distracted easily. 

We are going along, keeping an out for the coveted Makarov. Much to my dismay, they had plenty of CZ-82s, PPK’s, P-64’s, but no Makarovs. I was pretty let down so I basically followed my guy around feigning excitement over whatever caught his eye.

My guy was looking at something, most likely parts, at a table while I was idly scanning the table behind the seller. There was something peeking out beneath an old blanket…unfortunately my guy said something to the seller before I had a chance to poke my guy and asked him what it was. So, in all rights, I saw it first.

Imagine my excitement when the seller pulled the blanket back and there…in all its glory…was a Bulgarian Makarov. I swear I heard angels.

Next thing I knew the pistol was in my guys hands…after inspecting it he handed it to me…I was in love. It even had the grips with the star on it!!! It fit perfectly in my hands. I asked my guy & the seller a few questions. Should I buy it? I whispered to my guy. All I heard was “Yes”.

As I gave it back to him my other hand was digging thru my purse, taking out my folded hundreds & my license. My guy stepped back & just looked at me in what I mistook for amazement over me buying my very first pistol at a gunshow while I took the paperwork from the seller…in all my excitement upon finding the Makarov I didn’t hear my guy tell the seller that he’d like to buy it for himself as he handed the gun to me to get his wallet.

Oh well…its mine now.  My guy stole my fancy grips though

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  1. ReplyJP

    This post is worthless with out pictures! :D

  2. Replyguffaw

    Your first? Enjoy it, then get more guns!

    • Replydagerose

      My first purchase at a gun show. It was very exciting!

  3. ReplyOld Windways

    Looking forward to a full report. The history nut in me has a strong desire to pickup a Makarov, but they are difficult to find for a reasonable price up here thanks to restrictive state laws (apparently the East German ones are C&R eligible, but not the much more common Bulgarians).

  4. ReplyDirtCrashr

    He snooze, he lose! Dude has to pay more Attenzionio - so nice work fulfilling your heart's desire. :-)

  5. ReplyJP

    Bout time you got that picture up!

  6. ReplyDaddyBear

    I love my CZ-82, which fires the same round. That little bullet has quite a bit of zip in it.

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