Best 80′s toy ever

Buzzfeed just posted the 11 Most Important Playsets of the 80′s and being a kid in the 80′s, well, I was intrigued because I only had one playset….She-Ra’s Crystal Castle.

This thing was bad ass. BAD ASS, I tell ya. It made it to number 3 on the list, beat out by Barbie’s Dream House (#2) and My Little Pony Dream Castle (#1). 

Sure, like every other little girl I had Barbie dolls thrust upon me…they were dolls…what little girl didn’t like to play with dolls? I think I had a Pony or two but I was Team She-Ra all the way. I even had her Pegasus and they’d all go on adventures kicking ass and taking names. One time, She-Ra even visited the Amazons (my Barbies) and forged a relationship to last the ages. They battled my brother’s long forgotten Transformers from the 70′s. go scouting in the backyard fighting earth worms and exploring secret caves that held the most valuable treasures, such as acorns which would feed the poor tribe that was overtaken by some evil doer.

The last time I visited my parents, I was looking for something in the basement and I noticed the wardrobe that has been down there for as long as I could remember. My father kept all my barbie’s, old Seventeen magazines, etc in the garage so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the doors to the wardrobe and sitting on the bottom, gleaming at me like it was the first day I opened the box, was She-Ra’s Crystal Castle and inside there laid She-Ra herself. My dad took the extra care to keep this particular item in the house. I wish I took some pictures but I know it will be there on our next trip up north, whenever that may be.

On our next trip up north, that Castle is going to make the trip back so our little girl can play with it and have adventures that don’t necessarily involve Disney Princesses.





beating a dead horse

I posted that I had a status update that would be better in a blog post. I didn’t realize that once I started typing I’d have a rant on my hands.

I’m not sure if any of my thoughts have been brought up at all, as busy has taken on a whole new definition…so to my fellow bloggers, my sincerest apologies if it looks like I hijacked any of your posts.

By no means am I saying I am an expert with health insurance. I’ve held various jobs in which I was the plan administrator for the company’s insurance plan otherwise known as the person who the employees get to complain to when they realize something isn’t covered because they never read the policy. I’ve held various jobs where insurance was not offered and I had to apply for state coverage so there wouldn’t be a lapse in my pre-existing conditions. OH…there is that phrase “pre-existing condition”. Guess what? they are usually covered, even though you have to meet the insurance company’s guidelines first. My favorite was the  “we will cover a pre-existing condition after you have been on our policy for a year and you still have whatever condition it was”…this usually turned into my paying out of pocket anyway as I had a deductible to meet first and there was no way that I’d reach the deductible until the year passed anyway and lo and behold…the deductible resets to zero at the start of each new plan year.

Anyway, back to the mandate. I support healthcare being available to everyone. It always has been available. What has changed is healthCARE has somehow become synonymous with health INSURANCE. Personally, I’ve never been without coverage and I’ve sacrificed wants for this need. Hell, I’m not talking about the latest device in the want department, I’m referring to wanting steak for dinner but having ramen noodles instead so I could afford insurance. Something I keep missing is, that before Obamacare did the American Public realize that virtually every state has insurance coverage that they can voluntarily apply for and receive? Apparently not as it is now mandated (i.e. no longer voluntary) that every citizen is to have insurance. I have not looked at the insurance plans yet, but I am fairly certain that the premiums may be low but the deductibles will be high and people are going to freak out when they realize that they have to meet (err..PAY in advance) the deductible. Are HSA’s (health saving account where YOU can put tax free money in for YOUR co-pays and deductible) even offered? I’m asking because I honestly don’t know.

I’ve worked for companies that could NOT WAIT until the mandate went through so they could save money and no longer offer coverage to their employees. I’d like to thank our government on behalf of all those former coworkers for that.

So, now our government has decided that we cannot think for ourselves and provide to ourselves and our family what should be affordable. Instead, they force us to buy something we may not want. Where does it stop? What is to prevent our government from mandating vaccines, flu shots, and testing the latest and greatest cure on those who are on this coverage? What is to prevent them from forcing all of this on the rest of us who either opted out and paying a FINE (WTF) or have coverage through their employer? Is our healthCARE still in our own hands???

I can tell you from personal experience that if you have a baby, it’s not. You are threatened with calls to the local Child Protection Services office and a visit from a social worker if you do not agree with what the public hospital deems necessary. As your intentions are questions, you realize that they are seriously accusing you of potential abuse and it’s a serious charge and they strong arm you into care for your child by threatening to take your child away instead of realizing you might just be overreacting as a first time parent because this is the first high fever you’ve ever experienced and you are scared out of your wits and need help. Finding a pediatrician that isn’t brainwashed by the new vaccine schedule is very difficult. I love our pediatrician and loathe every monthly visit because I have to sit through the lecture when I decline a vaccine. I’ve often wondered if they ever looked at the ingredients list of these vaccines. I’ve also wondered if they are in fear of losing their license to practice medicine (yes, it’s a PRACTICE) and if they give their own children 2-4 vaccines at almost every visit until they are 3 years old. I’m really not looking to this next visit because I’m sure they will be pushing the flu vaccine. Next visit, when I decline the next vaccine and I have to hear from the nurses that the doctors have MY baby’s best interest in their hearts and they think I am not catching the veiled threat of being dropped from their practice, I am going to ask them for proof of the law that states I must inject our daughter with all this crap to possibly prevent her from getting sick. There is no guarantee that she won’t. There is the higher possibility that she does have a reaction to the vaccine. The human body has survived quite well by creating it’s own anti-bodies. I will treat her for the chicken pox when she gets it, not beforehand with a vaccine.

Taking a cue from the government with something that not everyone wants/needs but they feel we do…how about we mandate that every man and woman over the age of 18 is required to purchase a handgun, a rifle and a shotgun. They are to be required to know how to use them in a safe manner. Let’s make firearms a part of the public school curriculum  and every person is provided with said firearms and ammo upon graduation from high school. Personally, I don’t think every person should have a firearm forced upon them as it is a CHOICE for them to have one, but why the hell not? If they can force us to buy a non-tangible item like health insurance for the goodness of ourselves, why not a firearm to protect ourselves from those who want to do us harm?

There’s my rant for the day. As always, I’m all over the place but you are used to that, dear reader.



Besides failing at my goal of posting more, I figured out a few more goals that I have failed at and need to master.

1.  Make a good pot of coffee. No matter what I do, I cannot brew coffee. I’ve used more tablespoons, less tablespoons, changed brands. The Keurig was invented for people like me. But I will CONQUER THE COFFEE MAKER!

2.  Be a published photographer. Not in a fashion magazine spread type way, but in the local paper or an online photography mag for amateur photogs. It doesn’t help that my 35mm film camera is busted, nor is there is anywhere to develop my own shots so that means I need to purchase a digital SLR and I’m overwhelmed at the variety of said digital SLRs. My camera phone will have to do for now.

3.  Learn to swim. YES, I am in my early 30s and never learned to swim. YES, I grew up surrounded by beaches and never learned how to swim. YES, I worked at a summer camp that had 2 Olympic sized pools and NEVER LEARNED HOW TO SWIM. I am going to blame my unknowingly overprotected parents for this as I think I developed a fear of water as a child based off stories they told me about my brothers and their swim adventures.

4.  Stop kicking my dog in the face when she sleeps under my desk. This is a difficult one as she always manages to sleep directly under my feet, so it’s either roll over her paws with my chair or accidentally kick her in the face. Secretly, I think she likes it. See?

kicked in the face and still sleeping

kicked in the face and still sleeping

5. Get more range-time in. It’s been almost 2 years since I held a firearm with the intent to discharge that sweet little brass bullet down a valley of sand and grass into an innocent looking, yet guilty, paper target.

6.  Kick my Candy Crush Saga addiction.

7.  Acquire some mad skills, such as siphoning energy from those that have excess or OCD so that I don’t have very many lazy days where I feel guilty about not folding towels when I go to bed for the night. Who am I kidding. I don’t feel guilty at all.

8.  Learn to drive stick. I’m lazy, therefore, no manual driving for me!

9.  Follow through. This list means shit because I have no follow through unless it’s something I really want to do, so forget about number 6.

10. Find and purchase a power cord for my sewing machine. I’m sure it’s in the house somewhere, but here is where my lack of follow through and laziness kicks in because I checked the closet and it wasn’t in there so the gremlins must have taken it.

11. Taking a shower when I first get up instead of before I have to leave the house.

12. Keeping my gas tank at least 1/2 full at all times in case there is an emergency. AGAIN, I am too lazy, so I always push it and get annoyed at the idiot light flashing at me when I’m 5 miles away from the nearest gas station.

13. Participate more in my sister-in-law’s Hump Day Haiku‘s

14.  Invent a teleportation device.

15.  Get a haircut. And a dye job. I mean really…”Ombre” is the new color style? Well, then, I fit right in as my hair color is blonde at the tips and gets darker the closer to my roots.

For those of you not in the know…I present the definition of Ombre as an adjective,    according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary: having colors or tones that shade into each  other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark. OF  FABRICS, PEOPLE, NOT HAIR ( I added that last part myself)

16. I can’t think of anything else, but I’m sure more will occur to me after I publish this.



Gun control, baseball and death

This post is about this post. I agree with every word and the man behind DaddyBear’s Den says it best.  I saw this article and started the following post for it, but then I read his post this morning. So read his, read mine, but most importantly, read this link:

I am tired of women being defenseless. I am tired of us being the “weaker” sex. I am tired of  reading about women who trust in the justice system to protect them with a piece of paper only for their abuser to not be afraid of it. I am tired, that time and time again, these courts lift a restrainer order or let it expire because the abused woman is too afraid to appear in court, especially when that abuser had a prior history of violence towards other women. I am tired that we all sit by and use the words “alleged” when there are witnesses to horrific acts. I am tired of the fact that women are taught to believe that defending ourselves is not necessary and that others will always be there to protect us. I am tired of women believing guns are bad. 

There is no question that I think every person, especially girls, should learn how to shoot. Every person should be reminded that their life is valuable. That they don’t have to put up with abuse. That the reason they should learn how to shoot is because they value their OWN life. Their life is important to those around them.




pups all growed up

we shall begin this post with the very first picture I took of my puppies, a little over a year ago, the first week of May 2012.
otis kali iday

Otis is on the left and Kali is on the right. They are from the same litter and Otis was the first born and Kali the runt. I love the smile on Otis’ face and the expression on Kali’s as if he’s telling his baby sister that he just knows that everything is going to be awesome.

I don’t think I played with them enough when they were puppies. I had no idea what I was doing at the time.

Here they are a few weeks before we picked them up.


This doggy bed lasted a few days, at most. The pups to this day are inseparable.




Otis loves his baby sister very much.



When they weren’t sleeping on the dog bed or the sofa, they’d snuggle up under my desk while I worked; here they are exactly 1 year ago today.



I always thought that Otis was going to be difficult because he was born first with a take charge attitude over his sister. But no. I was wrong. Kali is a first-rate INSTIGATOR.

Kali located a mud puddle in the garden a week or two later and havoc ensued.


They got into a lot of shenanigans, from protecting each other from the evil paper towels and their sidekick – toilet paper:


And they were always on patrol in the backyard, making good use of the boat for a better vantage point.


I laughed when I located this picture below. Both of them fit on the backseat of my car. Now, I can only take one of them at a time with me when I go somewhere because they still like to lie next to each other across the back seat.



Not long  after we got the pups, we found out I was pregnant and I’m sad to admit that for a moment,  if I knew before we got the pups, I might not have wanted them. It’s funny how things work out. I cannot imagine my life without them.

Fast forward a year…

The pups have grown, all my fears about how they’d react to the baby are gone and they love her. 20130421_100217

Although, to be absolutely honest, one particular pup absolutely adores her; Kali will always belong to me, she continues to be at my side ALL the time, but Otis…Otis’s heart now belongs to the baby.





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did it happen yet?

I’m so far behind on current events. I have no idea what the eff is going on the world. Did the zombie apocalypse happen yet?

If so, by using the “who, what, where, when, why” method taught way back when I was in grade school…

Who turned into zombies?

heh… that’s as far as I got with the WWWWW method. Let’s continue.

By what circumstances did the people transform into zombies? Is there a vaccine? OH WAIT! WAS IT A VACCINE???? *looks around to make sure the CDC isn’t listening. er…reading*

Will I need to incorporate the self defense moves we’ve all learned from Shawn of the Dead?

Is one single person responsible for this change or was it a series of events?  Did it start in the inner city or out in the country? or the ‘burbs? Speaking of the ‘burbs…are we going to have to live off pretzels wrapped with anchovies?

Is there a safe zone?  Is the safe zone really safe or am I better off wandering the woods, on the lookout for zombies?

Are zombies fast or slow? Are they smart? Like, if they see me pick up a stick to hit them with, with they block it with their hand when I swing it at them? Will they pick up another stick for a battle to the death???

Is there a way to tell if someone is about to turn into a zombie? If so, does the person know they are about to change or is it so sudden that you have mere seconds to pro-actively save your own life? YES, I MEAN BY CHOPPING THEIR HEAD OFF.

Is it difficult to chop off a zombie’s head? I imagine it would be squishy and I’m afraid of getting the machete stuck and having to saw it back and forth while freaking out about the zombie horde coming at me. Maybe I’ll carry raw meat in my pockets and toss it about to distract the horde so I can get away. OR the smell of blood will just attract more. OMG, THERE ARE SO MANY PROBLEMS I HAVEN’T THOUGHT OF.

yes, I realize I ended the previous two paragraphs with caps but I AM FREAKING OUT, MAN, FUH-REAK-ING OWWWT

MEH. Maybe I’ve just been watching too many Supernatural reruns.

Zombies aren’t real.

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Loaded Gun found on Disney Ride

I realize that mistakes happen. I’ve dropped my keys in the parking lot while shuffling the baby from one arm to the other;  I’ve left an item or two in my shopping cart as I’ve loaded my trunk, only to have to drive all the way back to the store hoping the cart is where I left it, saving myself from the embarrassment of having to go inside and explain that I forgot my groceries. But I’ve never, ever, lost my gun.

The article is very short because nothing really happened.  Grandma finds loaded “automatic” gun on a ride. I’m so tired of that word. As a society, we’ve apparently forgotten what “automatic” means. Guy realizes he lost his gun minutes later and comes back to get it. MINUTES. This is where I really get annoyed with my fellow gun owners. When I carry, I make sure that I know where my gun is AT ALL TIMES. When I sit, I check. When I stand, I check. As a gun owner, I am representative of ALL gun owners and when shit like this happens, it’s FODDER for the anti’s and they will use it “for the sake of the children”.

Well, guess what? I carry for the sake of the children.

Forget about the fact that Disney Parks prohibit firearms. We all know that won’t stop a tragedy so I’m sure this guy is not the only Concealed Carry permit holder to bring a firearm into the park with him…ESPECIALLY when he is a resident of Florida where the park is located. He didn’t do anything illegal. However, what happened is inexcusable. Safety first is not a range-specific rule. 

Yes, I realize that he was at the park with his family and most likely got distracted which happens to everyone. But with great power comes great responsibility. What would have happened if he NEEDED his gun in those few minutes he was without it? What then?

This is exactly the kind of situation that anti-gunners are going to love to get their hands on. The “what-if’s” are astounding. I  could see the rhetoric now: “if responsible gun owners can’t even keep track of their guns, why should they be allowed to have them?”

You don’t need a vivid imagination to realize what a stir this would have created if a child got a hold of the gun and not a responsible adult.  Yes, I said responsible because who knows what kinds of people are out there and what they would to to get their anti-freedom point across. What an opportunity this presented. A shooting at a theme park? a DISNEY Park? Where the Imaginators (or whatever they call themselves) are working their asses off to create the most happy place on earth? Are you kiddin’ me? That scenario would have been PERFECT and exactly what would have been the nail in the coffin, so to speak.

You’re probably saying to yourself that I’m overreacting.  I don’t think the guy did anything wrong except he lost track of his gun. It was a stupid mistake on his part and one that may still cost him and the rest of us. That is why I’m so pissed. Stupid mistakes create large consequences.

I don’t think his right should be taken away. I don’t think he should be charged with anything. This is a lesson for all of us on how a momentary distraction has the potential to cause great harm not only to oneself but to an entire community.

Words from my mother

As I sat on the sofa this past Saturday morning  surrounded by my dogs, my handgun within reach, watching my 3 month old daughter happily dream away in her swing, my thoughts drifted to a conversation I had earlier this week with a friend who has a young daughter.

It was a conversation about how to teach conflict resolution at such a young age and if she could understand when to when to walk away. Of course, my mind always has to step over the edge and remind my friend that just because her daughter knows to walk away doesn’t mean a threat will not come after her.  We don’t like to imagine any type of harm coming to our kids but she needs to make sure, even as little as she is, that she knows how to defend herself.

I’m not quite sure how old I was, but my mom was the first person who brought the reality to me that my older brothers weren’t always going to be there to step in if I was being bullied; that mom and dad aren’t going to always be walking with me down our safe suburban streets. I finally understood wholeheartedly that strangers are more than a threat of just not knowing who they are.

My awareness came to light in my early school age years. I could have been in Kindergarten, but it was most likely first grade as I remember sitting at my desk and felt that I finally understood the difference between good and evil. I remember it feeling like a virtual line was drawn in the differences. It became somehow tangible now that I understood the concept.

My mom didn’t drive when I was little and my dad worked crazy hours, so when I started school we had a password in case someone else had to come pick me up at school. She sat me down on the brown sofa in our living room, made kind of a game out of coming up with the password and we came up with “fiddlesticks” which I agreed to immediately because she told me it was one of my brother’s passwords, too (as an adult, I’m sure she was just at her wits end trying to get me to agree to any password at this point, lol). I remember looking at her and wondering if she knew that I was in danger (which I wasn’t) and that was why this password was so important. Who was coming to get me, I wondered as she pressed on that it was a secret password that only I and the person picking me up would know.

If my mom ever had any trouble talking to her kids, I wouldn’t know. She’s always been quite matter-of-fact when talking to me. A few years later, out of nowhere she said to me something like “do you know what to do if someone is choking you?” As I looked at her, imagining a person walking towards me with their hands outstretched reaching for my throat, she goes “break their thumb. People lose their grasping ability if you break their thumb” then she took a sip of her coffee, showed me how to do it and sent me on my merry way.

Another time, she told me regardless if I had time to run or time to fight to scream “fire” as loud as I possibly can. People will not respond to “help”, she advised.  “Help” is a word that people are too used to hearing…yell “Fire” and people will come running.

I was almost late for my first day of high school. As I heard the bus coming down the street, my mom stopped me as I was headed out the door. She held my shoulders, looked me straight in the eye and said, in this exact order: “No drugs, no sex, no smoking.” End of lesson. She didn’t have to say anymore. I understood the words in the order in which she said them. No drugs: don’t lose control of yourself which will lead to your getting into the following situations when you don’t want to be. Be aware at all times. Keep your wits about you, girl, because you alone are responsible for your safety.

I am willing to teach my own daughter and any future children I may have the same lessons, although I will include one more because a piece of paper won’t protect her from those who want to do her harm.



Fundraiser for Disabled Combat Vets

Linoge over at Walls of the City is running his fundraiser again to benefit Honored American Veterans Afield. HAVA was formed a few years ago to support the “the healing and re-integration of disabled combat veterans back into normal American life through participation in outdoor events”.

Click this link here to check out his post that details the prizes and how to donate.There are 10 prize packages that should give you enough incentive to donate $5.00 toward this great cause. Giving up a day or two of your drive-thru morning coffee is worth it.