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You ever burn dog food?

I went to feed our dogs yesterday morning,  a task that has been handed to the girl child but as with all chores always comes back to me,  and discovered the food was rotting and moldy.   Since we are so far out in the country and I’m not dragging two kids under 5 an […]


I don’t even want to look at the date of my latest posting. A lot has happened over these past few years and my empty promises of updating this blog has fallen to the wayside over more important life events. This Yankee uprooted herself a few years ago and firmly planted her feet down South. […]

Moving to the country

A few months back, we packed up the kids and some stuff and moved north to the deep south. Talk about a fish out of water. Finding that this Yankee’s rebel heart has quite possibly found what it has been looking for to call home. A sampling of the roads we live on: The dogs […]

Spotify books

While exploring the interwebs, I discovered that if you go into the word section of Spotify,  you will find a shit ton of books on tape…excuse me…audibles…that will transport you into the depths of imagination as far as your mind can see. I have yet to check this out, but will be doing so later […]

30 Days of Thanks

I’ve been updating Facebook daily since November 1 with a quick note of small things to be thankful for. I’m going to elaborate and continue here. November 1, I thanked my good old friend coffee. Without this elixir,  I’d never get through my days,  good or bad. Yesterday, November 2, I praised the fact that […]


According to various orthopedic sites and webmd, breaking the scapula makes up for 1% of all bone breaks. Who achieved that? This girl. How?  By enjoying a Saturday evening in the backyard with my dogs and daughter while dinner was in the oven.  It was all going as planned until I tripped over my Kali.  […]